KidStoriz Benifits

Voice Over

The stories are provided with professional narrators in different languages.

Kids' Analysis

Our application calculates your kids’ results to give you statistics to let you know how your kids are developing.

Record Stories

Because learning easier from who we love, now the kids can listen to the stories recorded by their beloved ones.

Virtual Family

The admin can invite up to 5 family members to share the playlists of the kid and record them too.

Story Subtitles

The stories have subtitles that appear along with the narration to make it easier for kids when it comes to learn writing.

Educational Games

We have in-app educational games to teach your kid easier while having fun.


A in-app section named advices that contains daily parenting and kids’ developing tips.


The application in available in (Formal / Egyptian accent) Arabic and English.

Safe for Kids

The application doesn’t have ads that would take your kid to any other unpleasant content.

Price Worthy

Our application worths every penny as it aims for your kids’ development.

Easy Payment

Verified payment methods (in-app purchases / pay by credit / use coupons).

Verified Content

Our content is verified by many sources and is personalized for your kids.

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