About Ideaz Cap

IdeazCap is an Internet and Multimedia services company based in DIC (Dubai Internet City) with two other branches in Cairo and Berlin, focusing on being an effective part of the family life. Through our products we aim to develop a new perspective for both caring & entertaining at the same time.

We need to facilitate mums’ and kids’ lives by providing them with high-quality products ensuring to satisfy their needs. Through our products (KidStoriz, Mamoda, MumsAcademy) we try to be a fully integrated community providing Edu-entertainment, consultation services, and high-quality consumer products.

Kidstoriz aims to redefine the pre-schoolers’ education concept through developing their interactive storytelling experience and helping parents to be an effective part of their kids’ education cycle and break the barriers established by their work and travel.

About Kidstoriz

One of the projects of “Ideaz Cap” company which is based in DIC (Dubai Internet City) with two other branches in Cairo and Berlin.

KidStoriz has made it easier to entertain and educate your kids at the same time; it’s a complete curriculum for kids aged 2+, which contains moral stories, educational content, and games. It also helps to get the beloved family members in one virtual place and each of them can record the stories by his own voice so the kid can listen to the stories narrated by his beloved ones, even when they’re away, this Virtual Family mode made everyday a family gathering day for the kid. The application also has the ability to let you know how your kid is interacting with the educational content and gives him a rank between other kids using the app. It also includes some parenting and modern education advices and tips and keeps you up to date with the new modern trending products.

  • This application is safe for kids, it has no ads that would take your kid to any other inappropriate content.
  • Our content is verified by many sources and is personalized for your kids.

Available in Arabic (Formal / Egyptian accent) and English.

Please feel free to contact us at this email:

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